Health & Beauty Workwear

Whilst we manufacture garments destined for the NHS and private hospitals, laboratory and veterinary clinics are an ever growing area. The wide range of contrast colours available have been used to aid in the reduction of cross contamination allowing clear identification across different areas of laboratories. Image is everything within the beauty sector and with our choice of colours, fabrics and our design capabilities, we offer a stylish solution.

Health & Beauty Workwear  Products (Examples)

• Tunics
• Trousers (fitted or elasticated)
• Howie coats
• Smocks
• V-neck tops
• Ladies dresses
• Gowns


UK and Offshore
Minimums: 40 per style / 5 per size

Health & Beauty Workwear  Fabrics

• 100% polyester
• Polyester cotton
• 100% cotton
• Antibacterial finish
• Stain resistant finish

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