Increase your brand identity with NDC Workwear


Here at NDC Workwear  we’re keen to assist our customers in developing their own brand in order to increase their presence in the market place.

Many of our client’s are surprised to find that our price points are comparable to those of UK stockists for a wide range of clothing ranging from Ballistic Trousers, Waterproofs, Fire Retardant Clothing and more (quantity dependant). The fundamental difference we offer is to allow the customer to specifically design a product which completely suits the end use in question.

Previous examples of this are the widening of upper thigh areas/dropping of crotch for end users where manual loading is applicable, all the way through to incorporating specific size pockets for equipment/apparatus carried by other end uses. This coupled with the choice of colours/features and reflective options we are able to add, brings value and individuality to products. This is of course far better than selling a standard off the shelf item where the design isn’t quite what it needs to be but is the closest match available.

Price points can be tailored with minimum quantity and repeat order regularity amongst many other factors to ensure the budgets required are always met.

NDC Workwear is your dedicated specialist reproduction and bespoke clothing manufacturer.

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