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When choosing workwear there are a number of factors which should come into play. However, price seems to be of the up most importance in today’s market.

Does price represent value?

We are consistently presented with generic mass produced, off the shelf workwear that customers want a change making to. The most common issues are fabrics/construction are not up to the end use and rip, wear and fade are issues that arise much quicker than the customer expects. In this case more stock is ordered which then makes the task of clothing the wearer for the year more expensive than purchasing a bespoke fit for purpose product.

The next point to be taken into consideration when looking at value is the usability of the product.  Generic products are designed to cater for the entire spectrum of wearers. So one garment may be required to cater for drivers, to construction workers to carpenters and so on.

Whats the solution?

When looking at the requirements for a wearer within a specific industry or job role and considering what the end user is actually doing, designing the garment to incorporate their requirements is a far better way of getting a garment that will in turn improve efficiency, last longer and keep the wearer as comfortable as possible. So for example, pockets can be designed in particular sizes and shapes, specific tools could have tailored pockets, loops or fasteners to facilitate the wearer in their job or have stress points enforced where the uses the garment the most.

In designing a product that does not exist and then branding it with your name you fill a niche and begin to solve a problem that other garments in today’s market don’t. As the designer and developer of the garment, the opportunity to develop your brand is vast.

From as little as 50 garments it makes sense for your clothing to be “designed to be different”

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